There are several pieces of Canadian legislation that prescribe marking and labelling requirements for textile products that are imported into Canada.  While it is difficult to provide specific requirements without detailed information about the product, and certain exemptions may be available, the manufacturer, importer, target market, etc, the following marking/labelling requirements may apply:

1) Country of Origin marking on a sufficiently permanent label;

2) Dealer Information (name and full postal address where the dealer normally carries on business).  It is likely that the importer would be considered to be a Dealer and if located in Canada, consideration should be given to securing an identification number from the Competition Bureau;

3) Fibre Content information that meets detailed requirements set out in the legislation.  You will need to have details about the fibre make-up of the material used to manufacture the textile product, including any trim, lining etc.;

4) Product Care information is not mandatory but if it is included on your label, it must be accurate.  Any other information that appears on your label also must be accurate.  It cannot be misleading to a consumer; and

5) Certain of the marking/labelling laws require bilingual labelling.  Products sold in Quebec are likely to require a fully bilingual label.
As the importer of a finished textile product, you will be responsible to ensure that the products meet all Canadian regulatory requirements, including the labelling and marking requirements. If they do not meet the requirements, they may be seized at the border and stiff penalties can be applied (fines and/or imprisonment in certain circumstances).

A detailed assessment of your product plans must be undertaken to determine the specific labelling requirements that apply. You also need to thoroughly review any other regulatory requirements relating to the product, its tariff classification, valuation, product safety & flammability requirements etc .

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