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August Civic Holiday: Survival Guide For Canada-US Cross Border Travel

Posted in Agriculture, Border Security, Customs Law, GST/HST, Immigration law, NEXUS, Personal Comments, Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering

The August Civic Holiday long week-end will be here soon.  Canadians travel outside Canada to visit friends and family and to shop.  The Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) is on the lookout for contraventions of the Customs Act and other border laws. Here is our survival guide to make sure the CBSA is happy with your declaration and… Continue Reading

Seth Godin’s “On Pie” Applies To Market Access And The World Pie

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On April 6, 2017, Seth Godin posted “On Pie” on his blog.  I have thought about what Seth Godin wrote in “On Pie” many times when Canada, US or Canada-US trade issues arise, such as the Softwood Lumber AD/CVD Dispute, the 232 Steel Case, the 232 Aluminum Case, the Canadian FISC AD/CVD Case, NAFTA renegotiation, etc…. Continue Reading

What Is A “Customs Controlled Area”?

Posted in Border Security, Canada's Federal Government, Corporate Counsel, Cross-border trade, Currency Reporting, Customs Law, Exports, Immigration law, Imports Restrictions, NEXUS, origin, Personal Comments, Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering, tariff classification, valuation

On April 27, 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) released Guide BS5156 “What you need to know about Customs Controlled Areas”. In this one page document, the CBSA informs the public that a “customs controlled area” is: “A designated area where there is a likelihood that domestic employees or domestic origin travellers leaving Canada will come… Continue Reading

Canada Border Services Agency Revised Code of Conduct Is Published Online

Posted in Border Security, Canada's Federal Government, Cross-border trade, Currency Reporting, Customs Law, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, Exports, Immigration law, Imports Restrictions, NEXUS, Personal Comments, Politics, Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering

On August 16, 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) posted its revised Code of Conduct, to which all CBSA officers must adhere. The three “values” pillars of the CBSA Code of Conduct are (1) Respect, (2) Integrity and (3) Professionalism. Respect The CBSA makes the following statements in the Code of Conduct regarding “Respect”: Respect… Continue Reading

Canada’s Fathers of Confederation Envisioned Internal Free Trade Between Provinces

Posted in Constitutional Law, Legal Developments, Personal Comments, Politics, Provincial Governments, Supreme Court of Canada

On May 11, 2016, I testified before the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce, which is currently considering internal trade in Canada.  My testimony is posted on the Senate website.  In my opening presentation, I discussed the Comeau decision, which is one of the most interesting decisions I have read recently (any… Continue Reading

What To Do If the CBSA Asks Questions When You Do Not Want Others To Hear Your Answers

Posted in Customs Law, NEXUS, Personal Comments

There is a common dilemma that comes with traveling with other people.  The Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) has the right to examine your vehicle and any good in your possession at the border.  What do you do if you have gifts for people who are traveling with you (e.g., you have Christmas presents in… Continue Reading

People With Graves Disease Should Be Careful At the Border

Posted in Border Security, Customs Law, Personal Comments

I have Graves Disease. One of the not-so-fun symptoms is Graves’ Ophthalmopathy.  Some of the symptoms of Graves’ Ophthalmopathy are (a) inflamation/swelling of the eyes, (b) dryness/redness of the eyes and (c) eyelids do not retract quickly.  So, the customs officers see big red irritated eyes and think the worst (drugs).  Based on my personal… Continue Reading

I am feeling better

Posted in Personal Comments

I apologize for being away for a year from my blogging.  I started to experience Graves Disease symptoms in 2014 and needed to take time away from  Canada-US Blog in order to take charge of my health.  I am still recovering from a complete thyroidectomy and am managing my symptoms.  I am feeling much better… Continue Reading