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Happy New Year – Now Let’s Get Back to Business!

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Originally published by the Journal of Commerce in January 2019 One of the topics that consistently makes the top 5 in just about every survey of issues of concern to companies is the cost of regulatory compliance. This is true in large measure because the complexity of the issues covered by those regulations keeps increasing and… Continue Reading

Compliance Incentive: Canada to appoint a Canadian Ombudsman for Responsible Enterprise

Posted in Aerospace & Defence, Anti-Trust/Competition Law, Canada's Federal Government, Corporate Counsel, Cross-border deals, Cross-border trade, Cryptocurrencies, Environment, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, FCPA/Anti-Corruption, Legal Developments

On January 17, 2018, the Government of Canada furthered its “progressive trade agenda” and responded to calls from human rights groups by announcing that it is going to watch the activities of Canadian businesses operating in overseas markets more seriously.  The Government of Canada will create an Office of the Canadian Ombudsman for Responsible Enterprise… Continue Reading

Should Canada add a books and records provision to export controls and economic sanctions laws?

Posted in Border Security, Canada's Federal Government, Corporate Counsel, Cross-border trade, Cryptocurrencies, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, Exports, FCPA/Anti-Corruption

Countries, such as North Korea, Iran and Russia, may attempt to hide activities by using cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin). While the underlying activity of selling controlled goods or dealing with designated persons is illegal (under Canadian export laws) without an export permit/ministerial authorization, a secondary issue is enforcement.  Enforcement tools directed at “following the money”… Continue Reading