Happy Face Cut OutI am not sure that the Minister has received accurate information.  But, I will share Minister Goodale’s statement about NEXUS Cards being reinstated because it provides a useful telephone number.  Canadians who have had their NEXUS Cards revoked since January 27, 2017 on the basis on President Trump’s Executive Order or have been told that they are no longer eligible for the NEXUS Program should call this telephone number to ask for their NEXUS Cards to be reinstated.  Also, Canadians who had NEXUS interviews and were denied a NEXUS Card should also call this number.  The telephone number is — drum roll please — (202) 325-8000. [Update February 10, 2017 – I tried this telephone number and it no longer works – so much for help from the USCBP].

The Minister’s Statement is:

“Some 200 Canadian permanent residents had their Nexus cards revoked a few days ago because the recent Presidential Executive Order rendered them ineligible. But now that the Order stands suspended, those 200 Nexus cards have been reinstated, pending further Court decisions yet to come.

This confirmation comes from U.S. officials, who have been engaged in regular contact with their Canadian counterparts. The Government of Canada continues to work to ensure all Canadians are treated in a fair and expeditious manner.

The situation today is complex because of the Executive Order on entry to the U.S., the judicial suspension of the Order and the appeal of that suspension – which is pending a further Court decision this week.

There are currently about 1.5 million holders of Nexus privileges – 80 percent of them are Canadians. Nexus memberships fluctuate on both sides of the border every day for many different eligibility reasons. Last year, for example, there was an average of seven Nexus revocations every day.

Nexus is a discretionary program that helps expedite crossing the border. Nexus card holders who feel aggrieved by eligibility decisions taken by the U.S. government can seek recourse by calling (202) 325-8000.”

We will continue to monitor this issue and invite anyone affected to contact us at cyndee@lexsage.com.  If USCBP does not help you, please let us know.  Please tell us about good stories and bad stories.