On May 20, 2020, Prince Edward Island’s Premier, Dennis King, announced that the province will begin the approval process for seasonal residents starting on June 1, 2020. In order to be approved, seasonal residents must show that they are the owners of the residence in P.E.I., and must also guarantee that they will self-isolate for 14 days.

Members of the NEXUS program must be very cautious when entering P.E.I. as seasonal residents. The CBSA requires that all seasonal residents prepare a list of goods that will remain in Canada. In the past, members of the NEXUS program have had their NEXUS cards revoked because they did not have a complete list of personal effects prepared, and had to go through the appeals process to be reinstated in the NEXUS program.

What do I have to include on my list?

The CBSA explains in Memorandum D2-2-3 that seasonal residents must prepare a detailed list in duplicate of all personal effects that are to be imported, meaning all the personal goods and household goods that will remain in Canada.

The CBSA requires that the list include the make, model, serial numbers (where possible) and approximate value of each item. General household items can be listed in a group with the overall value (e.g., kitchen utensils –$XXX). Seasonal residents can also use the BSF186 form, which can be downloaded here. The CBSA defines “household effects” as furniture and goods that are found in a home, and tools and equipment that are used in the maintenance of a home.

Do construction materials and electrical fixtures count as household effects?

The CBSA does not include construction material, electrical fixtures, or any other goods that are permanently attached or incorporated into a home to be “household effects”. These goods must be declared at the border to the CBSA Officer.

How can I declare goods that are going to be delivered, or brought into Canada later on by my family members?

If some goods are scheduled to be delivered or brought in at a later date, a second list with all “goods to follow” must also be provided to the CBSA. The list of “goods to follow” must be provided when seasonal residents first arrive, despite the fact that the goods are going to be imported at a later date.

What happens if I did not complete my list?

If a seasonal resident has not completed a list, the CBSA may ask that a list be prepared prior to entering Canada. However, NEXUS members should be extremely careful and should always prepare a list prior to arriving at the border in order to avoid jeopardizing their NEXUS status.

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