Many Canadians who live in border cities (such as Windsor, Niagara Falls) are more likely to have a NEXUS pass.  Many Canadians who live in border cities work in the United States and travel back and forth across the border on a daily basis.  Given that individuals are human and humans make mistakes, the Canadians who travel more frequently are more likely (merely due to frequency of cross border travel) to be randomly selected for a secondary inspection by the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”). Canadians who live in border cities and have NEXUS privileges are at risk of having their NEXUS pass confiscated if they forget to declare U.S. goods in their vehicle (whether it is a gift or a purchase).

I have received more calls recently from individuals living in border cities who have had a NEXUS pass confiscated for a failure to declare goods within their $50 daily exemption limit.  The Windsor-Detroit tunnel/Ambassador Bridge and the Rainbow Bridge border crossings are common ports of entry for the application of a zero-tolerance policy.  Any little mistake is treated as an infraction.  This is why I declare a half eaten chocolate bar.

The CBSA have indicated they have a zero tolerance policy and may confiscate a NEXUS pass for even the most minor failure to declare goods.  I have seen that the CBSA has confiscated a NEXUS pass for as little as a failure to declare the purchase of $13.00 worth of goods.  This person works in the United States and after a long day with a mind full of other things had a momentary memory lapse that he/she picked up an inexpensive item that day.

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