We often receive calls from small and medium sized businesses who receive word from the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) that their to-be exported goods have been detained and that the file has been referred to Global Affairs Canada, Export Controls Division for review against Canada’s export controls and economic sanctions laws.  This happens most

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Mistakes happen.  While the majority of Canadian companies want to comply with Canada’s export controls and economic sanctions laws, violations can occur.  Often when there is an economic sanctions violation, there is also an export controls violation at the same time.  Sometimes, there are export controls violations without an economic sanction violation.

There are three

globe and calculatorCanada imposed economic sanctions against Ivory Coast to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1572.  The multilateral economic sanctions are imposed pursuant to the United Nations Act and the United Nations Côte D’Ivoire Regulations.  However, on April 28, 2016, the United Nations unanimously adopted resolution 2283 (2016) deciding to terminate all arms, travel and

ChickenCanada’s Minister of Agriculture, Mr. MacAulay, has said that five Canadian companies have lost their certification to import chicken, stemming from another trade problem related to U.S. imports. The revocations of import privileges relate to mislabeling of good chicken as spent fowl.  An investigation was started after a surge in imports of high-quality made-for-meat “broiler”


I have recently come across the March 21, 2016 “Secret” Memorandum for Action to the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the sale of light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.  It was posted on the Global Affairs Canada web-site along with an April 11, 2016 Notice.  Historically, it is unusual for such documents to

smiley-vector-illustration-puzzled_X1AqT-_LIs there a Canadian-owned company with manufacturing operations in the United Arab Emirates that is selling to sanctioned destinations goods that would be on Canada’s Export Control List if they were manufactured in Canada? It appears that the answer is “Yes”.  Does the Canadian Government believe that the sales are legal under Canada’s current economic