We have recently become aware of 4 cases where individuals (mostly Canadians) have been notified that their NEXUS memberships have been cancelled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“U.S. CBP”) because they failed to declare the export of a vehicle from the United States.  The three scenarios where this has arisen are:

1) A Canadian

Customs Building (XL)On August 5, 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) posted on the CBSA web-site a News Release entitled “Dartmouth store owner charged for falsifying documents and undervaluing shipments”. This News Release should cause Canadian business owners who import goods and/or general counsel of companies that import goods to ask important questions:

  • “Is my

Many QuestionsI often receive calls from individuals who have had their NEXUS membership cards cancelled or confiscated by the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”). Many of these individuals believe that the CBSA was sympathetic  to their situation and was trying to help when the CBSA officer suggested that they write a letter explaining their side of