Originally published by the Journal of Commerce in October 2019

As the deadline to file List 3 exclusions requests for goods from China (the 301 investigation) has now expired, there is the opportunity to take a bit of a deep breath and survey the trade landscape. Doing so serves as a reminder, there is much

Originally published by the Journal of Commerce in May 2017.

When the Food Safety Modernization Act took effect in January 2011, there were many parts of it which would take time to figure out.  FDA made a point of trying to work with the importing community so that when it rolled out the various regulations

Originally published in the November 2015 Journal of Commerce on-line

Many trade associations are grappling with declining membership likely contributed to by the absence of pressing issues grabbing industry-wide attention, despite export reform and the ACE roll-out. A quite different phenomenon continues to expand – the criminalization of civil violations. Two recent cases are reminders