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Schrödinger’s Cat: Can Goods Be Subject to Customs Duties and Not Subject Customs Duties At the Same Time?: Look in the Box before Shipping

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Anyone who watches “The Big Bang Theory” knows about Schrödinger’s cat.  The cat was both thought to be dead and thought to be not dead at the same time.  There is a similar paradox for Canadian companies who sell to the United States and/or China.  Canadian goods may be thought to be not subject to… Continue Reading

Trade Trifecta!

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Since the original publication of this Alert, South Korea and the U.S. have concluded their negotiations regarding the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, and, as a result, South Korea has been permanently excluded from the steel and aluminum tariffs. ————— Some events rather significant to international traders occurred in the last few days. First, on Friday,… Continue Reading