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Looking back over the last 12 months, the level of activity in the area of export controls, economic sanctions and trade restrictions in Canada is somewhat surprising.  Canada is usually rather quiet and there is not a lot to report.  The last 12 months are different and we are seeing activity at Global Affairs,


food for thoughtMost SMEs (and many larger companies also) have little familiarity with Canada’s export controls and economics laws.  Many business persons ship first and ask questions later as they do not realize that Canada does not allow anything to go to anywhere.  I have prepared an alphabetical guide to some of the relevant Canadian export

iStock_000019169483XSmallOn May 7, 2016, Global Affairs Canada (formerly known as DFATD and DFAIT) made an announcement that Canada plans to legally remove Belarus from the Area Control List. Belarus has been on the Area Control List since December 14, 2006.  When this occurs, only North Korea will remain on the Area Control List.