Question In Maze Showing Confusion And Puzzled

It is June 27, 2017 and it is fair to conclude that the Canada-EU CETA will not be provisionally implemented on July 1, 2017.  July 1 is on Saturday, only 4 business days away (3 if you consider most Canadians will be heading to their cottage or Ottawa for Canada’s 150 Birthday celebrations). The Canada Gazette is not full of regulations to implement Canada-EU CETA obligations.  The Canadian Government is silent.  Government departments, including the Canada Border Services Agency, Global Affairs Canada, Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and other OGDs have not published guidances, policies and any publications on the Canada-EU CETA rules upon implementation.  Canadian businesses, including manufacturers, importers, retailers, service providers, etc. have not been provided with the Canada-EU CETA rules that they must follow.

It would be helpful if Canadian businesses could be updated by the Canadian government.  The Canada-EU CETA is about market access and trade promotion.  New trade opportunities are important in light of the U.S. protectionist rhetoric and policies.  Canadian businesses want to diversify into new open markets.