Thanks to one of the CBP Supply Chain Security Specialists for sharing this top ten list for portal points of contract – make sure:

  1.  All Point of Contacts in web portal are current.
  1.  All your C-TPAT partners SVI numbers are listed in the web portal field.
  2.  You have a list of all your non-C-TPAT global supply chain to include foreign site transportation providers, freight forwarders, sea carriers, etc.
  1.  To update any company changes into the web portal, e.g. address, personnel, security additions, etc.
  1.  You have uploaded monthly/quarterly/bi-annual and/or annual internal/external security audits of your business partners, (foreign site factories, transportation providers, etc. ). This must be done at least annually to be compliant with the C-TPAT program.
  1.  You have a system in place that includes risk assessment in your global supply chain that is similar to the C-TPAT 5 Step Risk Assessment process guide. These documents must be uploaded to the web portal.
  1.  You have a blank copy and a completed copy of the C-TPAT questionnaire(s) that your company uses to mail and/or physically use to assure compliance with the C-TPAT program. These documents must be uploaded to the web portal.
  1.  Your Importer of Record (IOR), Manufacturer Identification  (MID), FMC, SCAC and NVOCC numbers are listed in the web portal and are accurate to your supply chain address.
  1.  The company adheres to all the MUST’S and SHOULD’S in the C-TPAT criteria.
  2. Although it is not a requirement, it is suggested that you have a written C-TPAT manual or company/corporate policies and procedures that address the C-TPAT criteria for your respective entity type, e.g. Importer, foreign site factory, Highway carrier, Sea carrier, etc.