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In antidumping injury cases in Canada, the domestic industry often include confidential call reports in their submissions to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal. The call reports document conversations and meetings with importers/distributors and customers in which the customer or distributor asks for a price reduction or says the price offered is too high.  The domestic industry uses the call report as evidence of lost sales or price suppression/price depression/price undercutting.

Usually the customer/distributor does not keep his/her own notes about the telephone conversation or meeting.  They are put in the position of defending their actions and comments that they never made.  For this reason, we have prepared a Call Report precedent for importers/distributors/customers to use when dealing with Canadian manufacturers who might bring an antidumping case.

I have often thought it would be brilliant if the importers/distributors/customers filed their call reports with the Canadian International Trade Tribunal documenting the telephone calls and meetings from the buyers perspective. It would be nice to see the call reports in which the domestic industry says that they do not have production capacity to manufacture the goods.  It would be nice to see the call reports when the domestic industry communicates that they are having delivery problems or supply problems.  It would be nice to show that the information written by the domestic industry is not correct (e.g., that the price requested is not the same price recorded by the domestic industry).  It would be nice to see the call reports where the customer says they already have a full inventory from the domestic producer and cannot finance further inventory.

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