Canadian flagYou know I am correct, eh? Okay, there I wrote “eh” – this means the author of this post is a Canadian.  I am a proud Canadian on Canada Day.

I have looked on the LegisInfo website (where Canadian legislative bills are found) and the search term “eh’ is not in any Canadian bill.

I looked on the Department of Justice Laws website and did not find anything official using “eh”.

There are a number of Canadian cases referencing “EH” as initials for people.  So, it may be we have a number of people in Canada (who are litigants) with the initial E.H.  It may have started as the Canadian equivalent to “‘Bob”.

What I have also learned is that “Earth” without “art” is just  “Eh””.  Not sure if that is what I was hoping for though.

According to Urban Dictionary, “Eh” means:

“An interjection or prompt spoken by Canadians.
Equivalent to the American “huh?” or “right?”
Usually used to prompt a person to respond to what was said or to indicate a lack of understanding.”

This definition is relatively close to being correct.

Canadians may say “eh” to differentiate themselves from Americans.  You know when you hear the word that the person is a friendly Canadian.

I remember a meeting about 15 years ago that I had with a client in California.  Everyone who worked for the client had a pad of paper in front of them.  Part way through the meeting someone said that I had not said “eh” once during the meeting.  They then informed me that the pads of paper were not to take notes, but to keep track of the times I said “eh”. They seemed disappointed.  I was more disappointed because no one taught me to say “eh” as it could get me out of trouble some day.

What I also learned from this meeting is that “eh” is a party game that some Canadians should win.