iStock_000015731499XSmallOn May 26, 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) posted “CBSA Today: Commercial News for Stakeholders: Issue 11: Spring 2016“. However, the CBSA did not list this publication as “Latest News” or “What’s New on the CBSA website” portion of it’s front page.  The document is rather difficult to find.  Bookmark the Border Commercial Consultative Committee (BCCC) page on the CBSA web-site to look for future issues of the CBSA Today newsletter.

The topics in the Spring 2016 CBSA Today newsletter include:

  • Important Changes to the Collection of Commercial Revenue
  • Update on eManifest
    • Compliance of Pre-arrival Reporting
    • News from the Technical Commercial Client Unit
    • New Electronic Notices
  • CBSA Commercial Policy Review
  • Post-Export Compliance Verification: Chapter 93
  • Ruling Database Assists Importing Community
  • CBSA International Engagement Strengthens Canada’s Economic Competitiveness
  • Strengthening the Canada-Mexico Customs Relationship
  • Commercial and Trade Information at Your Fingertips
  • is moving to
  • Email Transformation and the CBSA’s Commercial Stakeholders
  • Let’s Collaborate!

Some of the articles/updates would be of interest to the importing public.  For example, the CBSA discusses the advance ruling website and provides a link.  The CBSA states that it “has published more than 125 ruling letters in their entirety.”  While this is nothing like the transparency of the United States in terms of published rulings, it is a start.

In addition, the CBSA lists a number of sources of relevant information for SME importers, including:

Many of these resources are useful and allow for free subscriptions.

For more information, please contact Cyndee Todgham Cherniak at 416-307-4168 or at