Customs StopI am not kidding – I should not have to write this blog post – The Government of Canada says “Please do not cross the border into Canada with a grenade in your vehicle.”  It does not matter if the grenade is fake/inert or real/live.  I am writing this because on April 21, 2016, three people crossed into Abbotsford, British Columbia from the United States with a grenade in their car – Yes, a grenade was in the vehicle.  The grenade was found during a secondary examination by the Canada Border Services Agency. The three individuals who were in traveling in the vehicle were arrested.  Please see the National Post article for more information.

A grenade is ammunition under Canada’s customs laws and classified under tariff item 9306. However, a grenade is also classified under tariff item 9898 as prohibited ammunition.  Herein lies the problem concerning the importation of grenades – it is a prohibited importation under Canada’s customs laws.

Not only did this incident cause concern at the Canada-US border for the safety of the CBSA officers, the safety and welfare of everyone else crossing at the Abbotsford border crossing was at risk.  The border was closed while the investigation was undertaken.  This incident inconvenienced a number of people.