Acura Integra passenger sideI am often contacted by individuals who want to import a vehicle they own into Canada. Sometimes, I am called by a non-resident.  Other times, I am called by a Canadian resident who is buying a car on Craigslist.

On January 21, 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) posted on their web-site D-Memorandum D19-12-1 “Importation of Vehicles” (stated to be published on January 11, 2016), which answers many common questions (not in the most comprehensible format though).

The D-Memo covers:

1) Pre-border processes;

2) At the border processes;

3) Post-border processes;

4) Transport Canada requirements;

5) RIV requirements for imported vehicles;

6) Eligibility requirements for registration in the RIV program;

7) Proof of ownership requirements;

8) US leased and financed vehicles being declared for importation;

9) FMVSS specifications vehicles (new or used) acquired in foreign countries;

10) Salvage vehicles;

11) Flood and water damaged vehicles;

12) Vehicles imported for parts only program;

13) Vehicles that cannot be registered in the RIV program;

14) Canadian vehicles modified abroad;

15) Non-regulated vehicles;

16) Work vehicles;

17) Trailers as work vehicles;

18) Agricultural vehicles;

19) Mobile homes;

20) UTVs;

21) Competition vehicles;

22) Age-Exempt vehicles;

23) Vehicles entered temporarily;

24) Vehicles entered by visitors, tourists and temporary residents;

25) In-transit vehicles; and