Canada CustomsI hate to say it – A Canadian female NEXUS cardholder was caught by US Customs and Border Protection importing illegal crystal methamphetamine, prescription pills (more than 200 oxycodone pills) and other drug paraphernalia into the United States at the Peace Bridge borer crossing. She was arrested and turned over to the Buffalo Police Department. Please see the announcement by US Customs.

This individual is selfish.  It will hurt Canadian NEXUS cardholders and diminish the benefits of the NEXUS program.  NEXUS is a trusted traveler program. When one person misuses the NEXUS program, it affects individuals who are law abiding.

I am often asked by NEXUS cardholders “Why was I selected for secondary random examination?”  The answer I give is that some individuals abuse the program – like this person.  The Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) and US Customs and Border Protection (“USCBP”) increase scrutiny of NEXUS cardholders when they find individuals using the “fast lane” to import drugs and illegal goods.  The CBSA and USCBP must examine many good people in order to find the bad people.  As a result, this slows down the NEXUS lane.  This slows down travel for NEXUS cardholders.  NEXUS cardholders can be subjected to secondary examination like any other travelers.