Cyrstal Ball MoneyOn November 11, 2015, the World Trade Organization (WTO) announced that Ukraine is going to accede to the Agreement on Government Procurement.  On November 11, 2015, Ukraine’s terms of accession to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement were approved.  Ukraine will formally accede to the GPA 30 days after it has deposited its instrument of accession with the WTO.

What does this mean?  This means that WTO signatories to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement will have better access to the federal government (and any sub-national procurements) listed by Ukraine in its schedules to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement.  Governments are usually the largest purchasers of goods and services in a country.  As a result, this means opportunities for companies in WTO Members, such as Canada, the United States, the EU countries, etc.

The WTO Agreement on Government Procurement has been signed by 17 parties covering 45 WTO members (counting the European Union and its 28 member states). The forty-five WTO members currently covered by the Agreement are Armenia; Canada; the European Union, with its 28 member states; Hong Kong, China; Iceland; Israel; Japan; Korea; Liechtenstein; Montenegro; the Kingdom of the Netherlands with respect to Aruba; New Zealand; Norway; Singapore; Switzerland; Chinese Taipei; and the United States. An additional 30 WTO members and four international organizations participate in the GPA Committee as observers.