iStock_000014893754_SmallOn August 28, 2015, the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) posted on the CBSA website a news release that on August 27th, CBSA officers at Toronto Pearson International Airport seized a suspected shipment of 23 kilograms of cocaine.  The news release provides the following details about the seizure:

“On August 27, 2015, CBSA officers monitoring the offload of luggage from an aircraft originating from the Dominican Republic noticed an unclaimed suitcase in the baggage hall. An X-ray examination of the suitcase displayed dense, rectangular objects. After opening the luggage and examining the contents, officers found 20 brick-shaped bundles and two bags of pellets containing suspected cocaine.”

These types of new releases are interesting. U.S Customs and Border Protection posts similar news releases about significant seizures (and also used social media, e.g., Twitter).  The CBSA posts on Twitter under the name (@CanBorder), but did not publicize this particular seizure at the time I wrote this blog post.