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Smokers Be Aware At The Border – CBSA Officers May Limit You To 200 Cigarettes

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We recently were contacted by a person who had his NEXUS pass confiscated because he declared a carton of cigarettes, but did not declare the open package of cigarettes. The CBSA seized the open package of cigarettes and did not give them back.  The CBSA officer also confiscated the traveler’s NEXUS pass. While the CBSA… Continue Reading

Make A List And Check It Twice To Reduce Risk Of NEXUS Confiscation

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Cross-border long week-end travel by Canadian residents sometimes results in disagreements with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at the Canada-US border and/or at airports. The best tip that I can offer is to make a list of (1) all purchases of goods outside Canada AND (2) all goods received as gifts AND (3) all… Continue Reading