Here is a link to the July 19th statement by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, USTR and State Dept. about conditions expected of factories in Bangladesh – Full implementation is necessary for Generalized System of Preferences benefits to be reinstated by the U.S.

The major topics contained in the release are:

Government Inspections for Labor, Fire and Building Standards

Ready Made Garments (RMG)/Knitwear Sector

Export Processing Zones

Shrimp Processing Sector

While not all products originating in Bangladesh will benefit from GSP’s duty free treatment, certainly major U.S. brand holders can be expected to insist many/most of these provisions be implemented before feeling their brands are adequately protectedupon returning to Bangladesh to manufacture their products.

As of this posting, GSP expires today. A proposed for renewal is pending in Congress but one Member has a hold on it for reasons that are somewhat unclear.