Update – See: Canada’s Tariff Treatments (as at August 1, 2016).

Canada does not have a single customs duty or tariff rate for all imports. Over the years, Canada has entered into a number of preferential trading arrangements (e.g., NAFTA) and international agreements (e.g., WTO) that set preferential tariff rates.

The following table sets out Canada’s tariff rate categories under the Customs Tariff (Canada) and the Canada Border Services Agency reporting codes as at April 1, 2013:

Tariff Treatment Category Abbreviation CBSA Reporting Code
Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) MFN 2
General Tariff GT 3
Australia Tariff AUT 4
New Zealand Tariff NZT 5
Commonwealth Caribbean Countries Tariff  CCCT 7
Least Developed Countries Tariff LDCT 8
General Preferential Tariff GPT 9
United States Tariff UST 10
Mexico Tariff MT 11
Mexico-United States Tariff MUST 12
Canada-Israel Agreement Tariff CIAT 13
Chile Tariff CT 14
Costa Rica Tariff CRT 21
Iceland Tariff IT 22
Norway Tariff NT 23
Switzerland-Lichtenstein Tariff SLT 24
Peru Tariff PT 25
Colombia Tariff COLT 26
Jordan Tariff JT 27
Panama Tariff PAT 28