When a business sells its assets by way for a sale in bulk (or the Bulk Sales Act applies), it does not do so in the normal course of its business.  Usually, one of the preconditions to closing a transaction (one of the vendor closing documents in an asset purchase) is a certification from the provincial sales tax authorities to the vendor that all provincial sales taxes have been paid or arrangement have been made by the vendor to pay the taxes. The vendor provides this certification to the purchaser.  When this certification is provided, the provincial sales tax authorities cannot pursue the purchaser for the unpaid provincial sales taxes of the vendor.  When this certification is not obtained, the provincial sales tax authorities may pursue the purchaser for the unpaid sales taxes of the vendor.

If an asset purchase transaction involves or includes assets located in British Columbia on the closing date, it may be necessary to obtain a clearance certificate from British Columbia.

The BC Ministry of Finance released FIN 447 “Application for Certification” on March 28, 2013.  Vendors use this form to submit their application for a certificate.  It may be completed to cover provincial sales taxes and other provincial indirect/commodity taxes (such as tobacco tax, motor fuel tax, carbon tax, social service tax, and hotel room tax).

What is most interesting about this form is that the lawyers for the purchaser may file the form (previously, the lawyers for the vendor were the the party who requested the clearance certificate and could not control the delivery).  While the vendor (person whose tax records are to be searched) must sign the form giving authorization for the search, the purchaser may be the submitter of the form and the party receiving the information.