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In the Eye of the Beholder

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First published by the Journal of Commerce – April 2017 The first tangible indications of what trade policy might actually look like under the Trump Administration have been released. After excoriating NAFTA as the “worst trade deal ever” and quickly withdrawing the U.S. from the TransPacific Partnership, which was already dead, we are now starting… Continue Reading

Iran Sanctions – Tit for Tat?

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On Sunday, March 26, 2017, the Iranian State Agency (IRNA) announced the imposition of sanctions by Iran on 15 American companies.  While the move is widely seen as Iran responding to recent and on-going enforcement action taken in the U.S., such action is certainly creating ever more complex circumstances in the region. In explaining the… Continue Reading

What Should Canadians Listen For While Watching the U.S. Presidential Debate

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Tonight is the first U.S. Presidential Debate.  Every 4 years, Canadian bureaucrats and those interested in politics watch the debates looking for clues as to what good and bad may be coming.  I thought it would be useful to make a list, from the perspective of a Canadian trade lawyer, of what Canadians should listen… Continue Reading

Canada has Implemented the WTO Information Technology Agreement and Eliminated Customs Duties on 201 Tech Products

Posted in Customs Law, World Trade Organization

On July 4, 2016, Canada’s Trade Minister Freeland announced that Canada implemented the World Trade Organization (WTO) expanded Information Technology Agreement (ITA). Pursuant to the expanded ITA, signatories agreed to eliminate tariffs on 201 information and communication technology (ICT) and related products. As of July 1, 2016, Canada permanently eliminated customs tariffs on many of… Continue Reading

The Art of Self Defense

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Corporate compliance programs come in all shapes and sizes and apply whether your company is privately owned or publicly traded. These internal controls take the form of accounting and audit procedures, import-export/regulatory policies, employment guidelines, ethics/anti-corruption initiatives and so on. The intent of any compliance program is to ensure that employees know what is expected… Continue Reading

China Would Like Canada To Accept It As A Market Economy

Posted in Antidumping, Trade Remedies, World Trade Organization

China would very much like Canada to accept that it is a market economy.  This is relevant in the context of anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases. Currently, under the World Trade Organization rules, if a country is not a market economy, a WTO member may use surrogate or third party information when calculating margins of… Continue Reading

What Will Canada Do Now? Canada May Put Duties On Over $1 Billion Annually From the USA

Posted in Agriculture, Cross-border trade, Customs Law, World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization has agreed with Canada that the United States has not modified its laws to remove Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) violations and a WTO Arbitration Panel has ruled that “Canada may request authorization from the Dispute Settlement Body to suspend concessions and related obligations in the goods sector under the GATT… Continue Reading

Ukraine Is Joining WTO Agreement on Government Procurement

Posted in Government Procurement, World Trade Organization

On November 11, 2015, the World Trade Organization (WTO) announced that Ukraine is going to accede to the Agreement on Government Procurement.  On November 11, 2015, Ukraine’s terms of accession to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement were approved.  Ukraine will formally accede to the GPA 30 days after it has deposited its instrument of… Continue Reading

Top 10 Canadian Customs/Border Issues Predictions for 2014

Posted in Border Security, Canada's Federal Government, Cross-border trade, Customs Law, Trade Agreeements, World Trade Organization

It is January 1, 2014 and time for Cyndee’s top 10 predictions for 2014. There will be a number of border issues for Canadians and persons doing business with Canadians. 1. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will confiscate and cancel an increasing number of NEXUS passes.  In 2013, we saw many NEXUS pass holders… Continue Reading

Canada wins trade dispute over COOL meat labeling requirements at the WTO against the U.S.

Posted in Cross-border trade, Trade Remedies, World Trade Organization

By: Sarah Rashid, University of Windsor law student After much anticipation from Canada in regards to the issue, Canada has won the trade dispute at the World Trade Organization (WTO) pertaining to the country-of-origin labeling (COOL) requirements on beef and pork imposed by the United States. Canada launched a challenge with the WTO in 2008… Continue Reading

U.S. May Breach Most-Favoured-Nation Rules If It Imposes GST/HST Protectionist Measures

Posted in Buy America, Cross-border trade, Customs Law, GST/HST, NAFTA, World Trade Organization

Yesterday I shared with you the Bloomberg Businessweek article “Buy American and Fairer Trade Can Solve Job Woes: Alan Tonelson“.  In this article, Alan Tonelson suggests that the United States should impose additional duties at the border on goods coming from a country with a value-added tax.  Canadians should be concerned because under the goods and… Continue Reading