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Originally published by the Journal of Commerce – November 2016 Fans of ESPN’s College Game Day© will recognize this tag line from the reaction of Lee Corso when he disagrees with others when panelists predict winners of selected college football games. If you prefer a different sports metaphor, there is Aaron Rodger’s 2014 now famous… Continue Reading

What Should Canadians Listen For While Watching the U.S. Presidential Debate

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Tonight is the first U.S. Presidential Debate.  Every 4 years, Canadian bureaucrats and those interested in politics watch the debates looking for clues as to what good and bad may be coming.  I thought it would be useful to make a list, from the perspective of a Canadian trade lawyer, of what Canadians should listen… Continue Reading

The Art of Self Defense

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Corporate compliance programs come in all shapes and sizes and apply whether your company is privately owned or publicly traded. These internal controls take the form of accounting and audit procedures, import-export/regulatory policies, employment guidelines, ethics/anti-corruption initiatives and so on. The intent of any compliance program is to ensure that employees know what is expected… Continue Reading

How To Find Out What Is In The Canada Revenue Agency’s Files About Your Audit

Posted in Sales Taxes, Tax

Wouldn’t you like to know what is in the Canada Revenue Agency’s (“CRA”) files concerning your GST/HST audit? This information is very valuable in finding out where the CRA made a mistake or what is the basis for the misunderstanding about your taxes.  We recommend obtaining this information as soon as possible after an assessment… Continue Reading

The ABCs of Canadian Border/Customs Laws

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As 2014 begins, we want importers in to Canada to succeed in their cross-border trade activities.  Here is an alphabetical guide to some the relevant Canadian customs/border issues. A =  Ascertained Forfeitures – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will issue an assessment based on best information available if they do not have the item. … Continue Reading

NEXUS Travelers Must Carefully Maintain Receipts Over Thanksgiving

Posted in Border Security, Cross-border trade, Customs Law, Tax

Black Friday and Thanksgiving week-end often ends in tears and frustration as Canadian travelers run into difficulties at Canada-US border crossings and at airports. Canadians join in the U.S. tradition of bargain shopping on Black Friday and over Thanksgiving week-end.  Problems arise when Canadians do not have all of their receipts in order from their shopping trip. … Continue Reading

Inquiry to be Held on Subsidization of Canadian Ports

Posted in Anti-Trust/Competition Law, Cross-border trade, Politics, Tax

By: Chuck Andary, University of Windsor law student Upon receiving complaints from American ports, the Federal Maritime Commission will hold an inquiry on Canadian ports and whether they are being unfairly subsidized. The ports in question are off the coast of British Columbia and are seeing increased business compared to their American competitors. The central… Continue Reading